painting about the connectedness of a black programmer from behind and computer, pet, phones and apps in modern abstract greyscale --ar 40:20. Generated by Midjourney Essential kit is a project to build high quality, maintenable and privacy-friendly browser extensions for today’s internet users.

This project came about as part of my exploration into building lasting software products; a curious tale of optimization between time, cost and quality. The effort has yielded several category leaders on the Chrome Webstore and invaluable lessons on software maintenace.

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Justice Ogbonna
Software Engineer @ Google
"Good design is as little design as possible" - Dieter Rams

Featured Extensions

  • Search & Link Previews

    This is my solution to the too-many-open-tabs problem. Opening a new tab is easy, closing it is hard. This extension helps by showing links and search results in a preview pane inside the current tab, that way I don’t have to open a new tab in the first place.

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  • Voice Search

    When compared to typing, voice search is 3x faster, more ergonomic and the queries are more natural and expressive. This extension enables you to click once on a browser icon and perform a search with your voice.

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  • Floating Scientific Calculator

    Perform calculations right on top of your browser window without switching between tabs or apps or leaving your current page. Features a history log track of your calculations for future reference.

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